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The ups and downs of the Ukraine/Russia conflict and the role of nuclear weapons in this conflict, have been of considerable concern for US and European parliamentarians over the past months.

Nuclear tensions have risen, with top-level US legislators calling for the deployment of US nuclear weapons in additional NATO countries to counter ‘Russian aggression’, and Russian officials including President Putin countering with statements indicating that Russia increased the alert-level of its nuclear forces during the height of the Ukraine crisis, and has updated its nuclear targeting guidelines to include the navies of all countries participating in US ballistic missile defence programs.

Parliamentarians have taken efforts to diffuse this tension, including through a Joint Public Letter from NATO Parliamentarians to President Obama opposing any additional deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe, and by supporting the ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk on February 12, 2015.

Support for the Minsk agreement from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCEPA) is especially significant as it includes the parliaments of most European countries (including Ukraine) along with Russia and the United States. PNND held a side event at the Winter Session of the OSCEPA on Humanitarian and Security Initiatives for Nuclear Disarmament: From Vienna to Helsinki, which included a discussion on reducing the role of nuclear weapons in the conflict.

This update provides information on recent parliamentary debates and key upcoming events including the 132nd Inter Parliamentary Union Assembly in Vietnam which is focusing on cyber warfare, and the 2015 Review Conference of States Parties to the NPT.

IPU: Cyber warfare and nuclear weapons

The 132nd Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union, which meets in Hanoi, Vietnam from March 28 – April 2, is considering a draft resolution entitled Cyber warfare: A serious threat to peace and global security. The intersection of cyber-threats and nuclear weapons gives rise to specific security concerns that require consideration and action by parliaments. PNND members have submitted draft amendments relating to the risks of nuclear use by computer error, cyber-attacks involving nuclear weapons command and control systems, and opposing any expanded role for nuclear deterrence in response to threats of cyber-attacks. PNND is also organising a roundtable at the IPU Assembly on Eliminating risks of nuclear war by accident, cyber-attack or conflict escalation.

NPT Review Conference, 27 April – 22 May 2015

The Review Conferences occur once every five years. A positive outcome is vital for strengthening the non-proliferation and disarmament regimes. We encourage parliamentarians from States Parties to the NPT to initiate questions, debates or motions in their parliaments. Click here for a sample resolution. PNND will be active at the NPT Review Conference. Please inform us if you will be attending.

Global Wave 2015

Civil society is calling on governments meeting at the NPT review Conference to end the threat of nuclear weapons by commencing negotiations for their complete prohibition and elimination. Global Wave 2015 will involve a simple public action in cities around the world. Starting at a major peace rally in New York on April 26, and then proceeding westward through each time zone every hour, humanity will ‘Wave Goodbye to Nuclear Weapons’ through symbolic Wave events. Parliamentarians are encouraged to ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ from their parliaments, or to join other local Global Wave actions. Contact for more information.

Parliamentary questions and debates

The UK and Norway are amongst parliaments that have recently had questions and debates on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines and possibilities for nuclear disarmament agreements at the 2015 NPT Review Conference. (See UK, Norway and Japan parliaments – on a ban, the pledge and the role of nukes). Please inform us of other parliamentary debates that might be of interest to PNND membership.


Alyn Ware
Alyn Ware
PNND Global Coordinator
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